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Ned Cheever, proprietor and Fool in Residence, with an array of weapons...

...et beaucoup chapeaux.

Here's a collection of our musical doodling:

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 Cajun Music

Just a few pictures of our adventures in South Louisiana.




New Orleans, more than just jazz

Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest, Cajun/Zydeco Fest, pick your genre!



Maison Rouge

Here is the the Club Ned annex, dubbed "Maison Rouge."  This is the practice hall,  jam shack, and gathering place, relieving prerssure upon Mrs. Cheever to take either my life or her own.  Situated on two acres with a pond, only the nearby railroad tracks can drown out our musical offerings.

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Club Ned Inner Sanctum

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The Other Ned

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I ain't right, but there ain't nothin' wrong with that.


Wisdom of others:

"An old flame flares up when turned down."  - Bill Holman in the Smokey Stover comic strip

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